Modern culture tends towards mix and synthesis of different arts, and media art with the use of interactive installations largely reflects the specifics of modern perception: from the simple consumption of information to information, from a vivid image to the imaginative thinking, and from the visual and verbal context to the abstraction and coding.

Under One Sun

Elvin Nabizade uses the beauty of the saz in his installation. The saz is an ancient traditional musical instrument that has special meaning for the artist. This stringed instrument is his heritage; the sound of his family; the sound of his father; the first musical instrument he took in his arms.


This installation continues the theme of the flow of information via symbols and encodings. During a lifetime, we meet millions of people. Our paths cross and then diverge, leaving marks in our lives, our subconscious, and time. This is how new lives and substances are born.


Music has always inspired Elvin Nabizade. That’s why, for his installation presented at the Venice Biennale, the artist has chosen unusual materials: musical instruments. They are hover in the air and form a ball.


To put the final touches to the visit of the Pavilion, the visitor comes across a very calm room, very different from the previous ones. This corner invites to think. When entering the room the visitor stays there observing and cogitating.