Modern culture tends towards mix and synthesis of different arts, and media art with the use of interactive installations largely reflects the specifics of modern perception: from the simple consumption of information to information, from a vivid image to the imaginative thinking, and from the visual and verbal context to the abstraction and coding. Code, stroke and sign: the language of symbols forms the concept. Hypnotica examines the codification of thinking, the matrix as a container of non-material memory, capable of renewal, accumulation, and analysis.

Thus, the UNITY project involves many elements at once: the architecture of the space, the video shootings, a digital three-dimensional human sculpture, an animation and digital music that was specially composed for the project. The art of living in peace and harmony under one common sun served as a starting point for the study of young artists working on various pieces of contemporary art. The UNITY project is based on the documentary film where real people of different cultural backgrounds from all over Azerbaijan bring their culture, their inner mental code to the surrounding world. Some 20 figures of the Under One Sun documentary film, displayed on 20 screens share their life stories and talk about their traditions and culture. The idea is that the verbal language going out of the frame of the screen merges into one united flow as the river of cultures and mentalities. This flow consists of symbols that are words themselves. The words are not material but contain energy. The flow of words (and energy) is projected on a sculpture, and forms the image of a person. The project is interactive, so visitors get involved in and are made part of the installation.